Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to blog about Perl

In response to the Iron Man Challenge issued by the EPO, here's a new Perl blog. And some background info: I've been working in a Perl shop (for almost ten years), did mostly Web-based apps, yes, the old LAMP stack (where P stands for Perl not PHP!), held a couple of Perl trainings and I like the way Perl is going now. I also like beer.
So how can I blog about Perl? I've tried it before and all the blogs died a quiet death of neglect and lack of motivation. My main problem is a lack of interesting things to say. But, nevertheless, I'm willing to give it one more try. Not for the awards or forfeits, just to help with the Perl marketing. Or Perl evangelism. Or "spreading-the-word", whatever you want to call it.
The name is Perl Ideas, as in "I'm having them", or Perl Ideals, as in "I'm looking for them". Ideals found so far:
That's all I found for now but don't worry, I'm still looking.

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